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Poppopsea for staff!!

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1 Poppopsea for staff!! on 7/24/2014, 9:50 am


There has not been a staff application posted here before so I guess I will fill out my own form

DOB: 8/9/1998
Languages: C++, English, some russian, some spanish.
Favorite website: www . 4chan . org/b/
Location: SA, TX <3 right next to dakota^_^
Experience: I have been mod on countless servers, admin on about 9 and I have owned 3.
Sexuality: Bi
Interests: swag, /b/, runescape, hf, beatboxing
Music: Rap, Rock, 80's, dubstep
Anything you would like to ask us? (current staff): do you guys like WhataBurger? cause WhataBurger is the shit
Anything about you that you would like us (current staff) to know?: I am a blackhat/whitehat, I have worked with Norton Antivirus on several projects, I code hacks for games and code windows security and vulnerability software.

I hope you guys enjoy'd learning about me, Love you guys:D

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2 Re: Poppopsea for staff!! on 7/24/2014, 10:01 am


In-Game Moderator
In-Game Moderator
Nice app bro! Rootin' for ya, hope you make it!  Very Happy 

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3 Re: Poppopsea for staff!! on 7/24/2014, 10:02 am


I'm amazing.
I'm amazing.
Right now, we're packed on staff. We may have a opening in the near future (tomorrow possibly) if some of the other staff continues to be inactive. Would be nice having you on the team for sure though!

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