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skilling item prices by s w u r v e

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1 skilling item prices by s w u r v e on 7/24/2014, 10:56 am

s w u r v e

Bronze Poster
Bronze Poster
silk- 5k
cowhide- 15k
silver ashes-30k
diamond necklace- 50k

opal - 2k
jade- 3k
red topaz- 5k
sapphire- 8k
emerald- 10k
ruby- 15k
diamond- 20k
dragonstone- 35k

willow shortbow (u) 12k
willow longbow (u) 15k
Maple shortbow (u) 20k
maple longboww (u) 30k
yew shortbow (u) 50k
yew longbow (u) 60k
magic shortbow (u) 120k
magic longbow (u) 150k

copper ore- 2k
tin ore- 2k
iron ore- 10k
coal ore- 20k
mithril ore- 40k
adamant ore- 100k
runite ore- 500k

bronze bar- 5k
steel ore- 35k
mithril bar- 50k
adamant bar- 200k
runite bar- 1m

raw lobster- 5k
cooked lobster- 8k
raw swordfish- 6k
cooked swordfish- 10k
raw shark- 20k
cooked shark- 30k
raw rocktail- 25k
cooked rocktail -35k

willow logs- 10k
maple logs- 20k
yew logs- 50k
magic logs- 125k

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I fully agree with this, there should be a point behind skilling:D

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I'm amazing.
I'm amazing.
This looks nice man, I will def consider doing this. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

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